Song Charter

A music library and a social media app combined in one.



My Role

UX Designer

UX Researcher

The Problem

Over time, most people lose track of the albums, songs, or artists they’ve listened to. Products like Spotify or Last.FM are great ways to track that music, but they lack any sort of rating system which helps you differentiate your favourite songs on an album from your least favourite.

The Solution

A social media app that allows users to track, listen and review both songs and albums.

TikTok recently proved that a social media app that knows its audience can break through to the same popularity level as top social apps like Instagram or Twitter. Song Charter wants to do the same. Combining the social aspect and music rating, tracking and listening is the goal Song Charter set out to accomplish.

This hybrid application attracts both the social media following as well as those looking to share their music tastes and combines the two to create an exciting way for music listeners to rate and review music while also seeking out recommendations from other listeners.

With a Twitter or Instagram-like feel and a Letterboxd or Last.FM style way of creating a library of music, the app is perfect for those looking to voice their music opinions.

The Process

Identify the Problem

Users are not likely to view listening-history


Comparative Analysis


Usability Testing




The Research

To properly understand our target audiences needs, I created both a survey and comparative analysis of multiple music streaming services, most notably Spotify.

The survey I created helped structure what competitor products and services our target audience used in order for our team to better understand what functions and features would need to be incorporated into our design to appeal to the average user. Most responses proved that many users have multiple forms of social media as well as one or more music streaming services.

The comparative analysis I conducted identified the main pain points user’s encountered with social and music related applications, accessibility issues, examples of fully accessible content, opportunities Song Charter could pursure, as well as helping define features users value including, social features, profile customization, listening history, and music recommendations.

The Design Process

A combination of wireframes, prototypes, and the information architecture for Song Charter

I started out designing the information architecture according to the layout of other social platforms. From the survey, most users preferred having a navigation menu to switch between content easily and separating the application into 5 separate sections allowed users to have full control over the navigation of the app.

The low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes also allowed me to conduct a usability test which helped mold a simple design where the application could become user-centric and focus on the main needs and values of each individual user. Profile customization is a great example of this, and the usability testing showed users enjoyed being able to edit and arrange content on their own profile according to their personal preferences.

The Final Product

3 High-Fidelity prototypes for Song Charter (the home page, the search page and the profile page)

The final design consists of 5 sections, a homefeed, a search section, a posting feature, a notification section, and a profile page.

Reviews and ratings from accounts users are following show up in the newsfeed. The newsfeed is an excellent way for users to find recommendations from other users as well as comment on every post to agree or protest another user’s personal music opinion.

The search section was designed for users to be able to find new music, artists, reviews, and other users. In this section, users are also able to add songs and albums to their own library, also called their ‘listenlist.’

The post section is where users are able to create a review for a song or album, which then shows up on both their own profile and the homefeed of those who follow that user.

The notification page is where activity from each user’s profile is shown. New followers, comments, likes, and a user’s follower’s liked reviews will also show up in the notification page.

The profile page is one of the main draws of the app. From profile customization such as editing a user’s favourite albums to changing a profile or cover photo, the profile section is designed for users to be able to display their musical tastes as well as a personal profile theme.